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Bring up to patriotism

Bring up to patriotism

Today, on December 14, the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College held an open lesson on the theme "Independence is our heart." The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the heroic deeds of our sons and daughters who have sacrificed their way to democracy for the first time in December 1986, explaining the reason why the young people came to the square, explaining their native language, tradition and tradition by increasing their love for their country of origin, their place of residence, bring up to patriotism.

Independence is our main asset!

My broad, inexhaustible place,

Today, you are glorified in all the earth

My Independent Kazakhstan is my country! students of 1 year of "Pre-school education and training" danced, performed, read poems, demonstrated their skills to college teachers and students. Today's generation, probably the future of the future, congratulated the 26th anniversary of our Independence and wished that our independence would be high and our people deserved to be celebrated and sovereign. Teachers of the College thanked the students, who prepared the festive hours and congratulated them on the upcoming holiday.