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New opportunities for development

«New opportunities for development» missive of the President, the head of  state.

On February 7, 2018 in the assembly hall of the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College  a meeting held with the participation of all the leaders and  teachers to discuss, the  missive  of the  President of  the Republic of  Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev, «New Opportunities in the  Conditions of the Fourth Industrial- Professional Revolution».


Еternal unforgettable way...

01.02.2018 in Shymkent school-gymnasium № 26 named after Zh. Zhabayev held an event about the opening of the English language cabinet named after Bakhtiyar Yunussov.


23 January 2018 year was opened the nominal cabinet

23 January 2018 year was opened the nominal cabinet of Bakhtiyar Yunussov in the school-gymnasia №64 named after Zh. Aymautov. President of the South Kazakhstan Higher pedagogical college Iftikhar Yunussov was the sponsor of the opening of the nominal cabinet.


Opened nominal cabinet

20 January 2018 was opened nominal cabinet of  Yunussov Bakhtiyar Saidovich, in the secondary school №42. named after Hamza in Shymkent.


English language courses in College!

South Kazakhstan higher pedagogical College announces admission for everyone English course. All levels from Starter to Advanced for all ages. Training in KTL, NIS, FLEX. 3 times a week. At the end of each level receive a certificate. The opportunity to continue training abroad.  Our address: 8 March street 22, tel: 50-60-72, 8701 626-83-93.


Lieder of the Year-2017

December 25, 2017, President of the South-Kazakhstan Higher pedagogical College I.B.Yunussov received a high award “Pride of the people” for exceptional labor achievements and personal contribution to the development of the economy of  Kazakhstan. Also, his merits, high business and public authority were awarded the “Golden Steppe” medal...


By   great   soul  I  congratulate you with the coming New Year!

Let the coming 2018 years will be the beginner of the new events, strengthening of unity, and the friendship of people .I wish the great success in your activity on the way prosperity of our independent state and rises of people prosperity on the New Year...

Bring up to patriotism

Today, on December 14, the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College held an open lesson on the theme "Independence is our heart." The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the heroic deeds of our sons...

Yoshlar Bilim va Tafakkur Raqobati

24 December in the building of the regional Uzbek drama theatre of Sairam district, South Kazakhstan region conducted the closing of the contest on "Yoshlar Bilim va Tafakkur Raqobati" (YBTR) among pupils of 10-11 classes, under the guidance of Ahror Turdalieva "Sayram Student Association".


Great steppe country songs

On the 9th of December, 2017 there passed over the competition by the theme: “Great steppe country songs”

The Best master of industrial training of 2017

9.12.2017 year at the Shymkent art College named after A. Kasteev has passed Regional competition "The Best master of industrial training of 2017".


Mukhambet – Ali Daulet

Decorate the first year student of South Kazakhstan High pedagogical college Mukhambet – Ali Daulet



  • 0101000 - Preschool education and training
  • 0101013 - The teacher of preschool organizations
  • 0103000 - Physical Education and Sports
  • 0103023 - The teacher of physical culture and sports
  • 0105000 - Elementary education
  • 0105013 - Primary Education Teacher
  • 0105023 - Teacher of Informatics of Primary Education
  • 0105033 - Teacher of a foreign language of primary education
  • 0106000 - Fine Arts and Drawing
  • 0106013 - Teacher of fine arts and drafting of basic secondary education
  • 0107000 - Technology
  • 0107013 - Teacher of Basic Secondary Education Technology
  • 0108000 - Musical education
  • 0108013 - The teacher of music in the organizations of preschool and basic secondary education
  • 0111000 - Basic secondary education
  • 0111013 - Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 0201000 - Jurisprudence
  • 0201023 - Lawyer-consultant
  • 0401000 - Librarianship
  • 0401013 - Librarian
  • 0402000 - Design
  • 0402013 - Design
  • 0402022 - Performer of artistic design works
  • 0512000 - Translation
  • 0512013 - Interpreter
  • 0518000 - Accounting and Auditing
  • 0518013 - Economist accountant
  • 1304000 - Computer Science and Software
  • 1304043 - Technician-programmer
  • 1304012 - Operator of electronic computers
  • 0105104 - Applied Bachelor of Primary Education
  • 0101044 - Applied Bachelor of Preschool Education and Upbringing

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