South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College

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In the SKHPC was an exhibition of creative works

In  the   SKHPC  was  an  exhibition  of  creative   works  of  the   teacher  the  Pedagogical   Department  Aidana   Belgibay


Modernization of consciousness - the dictates of time

The library of the college hosted the Information Day "Рухани жаңғыру аясындағы кәсібі шеберлікті шыңдау жолы" for first-year students. Their attention was given to: book exhibition "Kazakhstan: yesterday, today, tomorrow"


Pedagogics and philology

Teachers of the “Pedagogics and philology” section were discussing “Peculiarity of study in three languages” about the replacing to Latin alphabet, about its advantages and difficulties at the round table


Pedagogics and philology

On the 25th of April, 2018 There were placed the usual meeting of “Pedagogics and philology” section. A.A.Artikbayeva spoke with the report on the theme: “Meaning of the renovation in the process of study”.There were discussed the peculiarity of renovation in study.


Training camp

In the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College for students of the 1 st and 2 nd year courses are held scheduled training camp for the 2017-2018 academic year, in the period from 23.04 to 28.04.2018.



Production and pre-diploma practice of 3-year students on the specialty "Jurisprudence" of the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College.


One Book, One Picture

On April 23, 2013, in honor of World Book and Copyright Day in the regional universal library named after AS Pushkin, a large-scale event "National Code-National Book" was held


20-04-2018 a seminar

20.04.2018 in the secondary school № 42 named after Hamza, a seminar was held on the theme: "The specifics of planning the educational process for the updated content of education and criterial evaluation."


Open Day

On 20.04.2018, the traditional " Open Day " was held at the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College. Students of grades 9-11 of Shymkent secondary schools were invited to the college. The program included the display of video materials about the history of the college and the achievement of recent years.


Work has begun on career guidance in the specialties

Since April, 2018, work has begun on career guidance in the specialties of the South Kazakhstan Higher Pedagogical College. for this purpose, a special group was established, including teachers and students.


Computers and software

Students of the group 304-14 in the specialty  “Computers and software” pass the pre-diploma practice in LLP “Omega21”


Primary Education

Students of the specialty “Primary Education” of the South Kazakhstan Higher pedagogical college pass industrial practice under, the direction of the primary school teachers in secondary schools in the city Shymkent №64


The president looks with hope on the future of modern youth

The president looks with hope on the future of modern youth.

In honor of the memory of the professor SKPU and the founder of the SKHPC among teens born in 2005 – 2006, a republican judo tour was organized with the goal of educating on all-round developed personality in promoting healthy lifestyles. To instill a love of sport.




  • 0101000 - Preschool education and training
  • 0101013 - The teacher of preschool organizations
  • 0103000 - Physical Education and Sports
  • 0103023 - The teacher of physical culture and sports
  • 0105000 - Elementary education
  • 0105013 - Primary Education Teacher
  • 0105023 - Teacher of Informatics of Primary Education
  • 0105033 - Teacher of a foreign language of primary education
  • 0106000 - Fine Arts and Drawing
  • 0106013 - Teacher of fine arts and drafting of basic secondary education
  • 0107000 - Technology
  • 0107013 - Teacher of Basic Secondary Education Technology
  • 0108000 - Musical education
  • 0108013 - The teacher of music in the organizations of preschool and basic secondary education
  • 0111000 - Basic secondary education
  • 0111013 - Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 0201000 - Jurisprudence
  • 0201023 - Lawyer-consultant
  • 0401000 - Librarianship
  • 0401013 - Librarian
  • 0402000 - Design
  • 0402013 - Design
  • 0402022 - Performer of artistic design works
  • 0512000 - Translation
  • 0512013 - Interpreter
  • 0518000 - Accounting and Auditing
  • 0518013 - Economist accountant
  • 1304000 - Computer Science and Software
  • 1304043 - Technician-programmer
  • 1304012 - Operator of electronic computers
  • 0105104 - Applied Bachelor of Primary Education
  • 0101044 - Applied Bachelor of Preschool Education and Upbringing

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