Higher pedagogical college Shymkent

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09.11.2018 y

09.11.2018 y

On the basis of the higher pedagogical College Shymkent 09 November 2018 was held regional Olympiad "Anniversary of the trilingual subject Olympiad – X", which was attended by students of 9th grade. From 44 city schools of Shymkent 63 pupils took part. Among the 9 winners included in the group "Three", who took 1,2,3 places in each subject were determined after 2 rounds.  Of these, 3 students who took 1,2,3 places in the 3rd round of the Olympiad became the owners of certificates from the founder of the College   I.B.Yunussov for free and preferential training.

  1. General provisions Ilesbek Aruzhan schoolgirl of the 9th class of school № 66-100%;
  2. Kojansakov Jasmine the schoolgirl of the 9th class of a gymnasium No. 8-50%;
  3. Korganbai Mukhan 9 class of school № 28-30%;