Higher pedagogical college Shymkent

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Нұр Отан

In the Turkestan region in the small conference hall of the branch “Нұр Отан ” a mee ting was held with the deputy of oblast maslikhat Zhamalbek Shаrpbek Zhamalbekovich with the students of the Higher Pedagogical College of Shymkent organized by “ Ұрпақтар сабақтастығы” project.


Biz bakitty Balamyz

In September, 2018 to Astana the republican Internet the competition «Biz bakitty Balamyz" was held. Students of college Nauryzbay Talgat and Mukhamedzhanovf Sazhida became owners on The Best Scientific Project nominations and awarded Diplomas of 1 degree.


Елжанды тұлға

In HIGHER PEDAGOGICAL COLLEGE SHYMKENT held a meeting of young scientists for” 75 Anniversary of O. Bokei”. In our party the student Naurizbai  Talgat Adilhanulu the student of 3rd  course showed presentations and slide- shows which was prepared by himself. Also pupils of highest school in our city  № 68 in a class 9


Competition among students in football

Higher pedagogical college Shymkent held a competition among students in football


Ән мен Әзіл - show drive

The chairman of the youth committee of the Higher Pedagogical College Shymkent Nubidinova Tamara organized an evening in the hostel on the topic "Ән мен Әзіл - show drive", in which students of our college took an active part.


President Message

The pedagogs and students of ShHPC were inviting for watch and listen the president message of N.A.Nazarbaev the President of K.R. The President message was in live chanel.


International Education

04.10.2018 deputy  Director of International  Relations of the Higher Pedagogical College Shymkent  Mamanazarov B. took part in the exhibition "International  Education" organized with the Begin Group.


Dance with me

Among the students living in the hostel of the higher pedagogical College Shymkent was held a competition "Dance with me". The organizer of the contest Nubedinova Tamara, the chairman of youth in College.


Қызды қырық үйден тыю

The dusser of the college expert training was held for living in the public business with the participation of the psychologist Tursunbayeva Aisulu Polatovna from the city “Youth Center” on the topic “Қызды қырық үйден тыю” about the upbringing of girls who called the chairman of the youth of the colleagues of the Nubidinova Tamara ,our training was in our new building .


Day of Health

In  Higher pedagogical college Shymkent  the teachers of faculty «Physical training and sport» spent a «Day of Health» with just course students.


language is- history of nation

Open lesson in groups- 101-18, 105-18, 0401-18. For theme : language is- history of nation.


Philology and Pedagogic

In a colledge SKHPC from 17.09.2018-22.09.2018. y.was organized “Week of languages”for holiday “Day of languages “ in Kazakhstan .For theme “Language is-history of nations”was organized by head of “Philology and Pedagogic “ department : Artikbayeva .A.



Dear colleagues!

Let  me  sincerely  congratulate with  you  on  the  professional  holiday  of  -  Teacher`s  Day.  I wish  you  all  good  health,  professional  growth,  creative  success  in  your  hardly  but  grateful  work.



  • 0101000 - Preschool education and training
  • 0101013 - The teacher of preschool organizations
  • 0103000 - Physical Education and Sports
  • 0103023 - The teacher of physical culture and sports
  • 0105000 - Elementary education
  • 0105013 - Primary Education Teacher
  • 0105023 - Teacher of Informatics of Primary Education
  • 0105033 - Teacher of a foreign language of primary education
  • 0106000 - Fine Arts and Drawing
  • 0106013 - Teacher of fine arts and drafting of basic secondary education
  • 0107000 - Technology
  • 0107013 - Teacher of Basic Secondary Education Technology
  • 0108000 - Musical education
  • 0108013 - The teacher of music in the organizations of preschool and basic secondary education
  • 0111000 - Basic secondary education
  • 0111013 - Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 0201000 - Jurisprudence
  • 0201023 - Lawyer-consultant
  • 0401000 - Librarianship
  • 0401013 - Librarian
  • 0402000 - Design
  • 0402013 - Design
  • 0402022 - Performer of artistic design works
  • 0512000 - Translation
  • 0512013 - Interpreter
  • 0518000 - Accounting and Auditing
  • 0518013 - Economist accountant
  • 1304000 - Computer Science and Software
  • 1304043 - Technician-programmer
  • 1304012 - Operator of electronic computers
  • 0105104 - Applied Bachelor of Primary Education
  • 0101044 - Applied Bachelor of Preschool Education and Upbringing

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