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In the higher pedagogical College SHYMKENT

In the higher pedagogical College SHYMKENT on September 10, 2019 at the presidential hour various issues were discussed. In particular, it was about raising the level of knowledge of College students and training of teachers, as well as behavior and education within the College. At the end of the meeting the President of the College handed teacher of basic military training Akylbekov Bolatbek" Қазақстан Республикасы құқық қорғау әскеріне – 25 жыл ".


Патриоттық рухты көтеру

Патриоттық рухты көтеру, студенттерді отансүйгіштікке тәрбиелеу мақсатында колледжде әр аптада дүйсенбі күні Әнұран орындалады.


2 сентября 2019 года

2 сентября 2019 года в Высшем педагогическом колледже Shymkent было проведено Общереспубликанское мероприятие, посвященное единому «Часу честности». В мероприятии приняли участие ведущий специалист Молодежного центра Ертаев Көмек Ережепұлы, который поделился со студентами информацией о коррупции. Студенты также получили ответы на вопросы, касающиеся данной проблемы.


In the elite kindergarten " XXI ғасыр "

In the elite kindergarten " XXI ғасыр ", located on the basis of the higher pedagogical College SHYMKENT, College activists organized an event dedicated to June 1, the International children's day. During the event, the students have painted with children, issued the newspaper with colored inks. And the guys watched the cartoon,played and participated in fun contests.





Dear man! We congratulate You on defender of the Fatherland Day - a holiday of courage, nobility and honor! We sincerely wish You success, happiness, prosperity and all the best! Let the difficulties encountered on your way, will always be easy to overcome! Good health, warmth and festive mood! Sincerely, the women's team of the Higher pedagogical College SHYMKENT


on may 4, 2019

As you know, the head of state annually in the traditional address gives important tasks to improve youth policy. The head of state pays special attention to young people, as this generation had to live and work in the new, modern Kazakhstan. He wants to see Kazakhstanis, first of all, competitive and highly professional specialists. Today in the first place mastering new knowledge and getting a good profession.

In this regard, on may 4, 2019 at 15.00 the administration of the Higher pedagogical College SHYMKENT conducted career guidance work for students of 9, 10, 11 classes of 14 schools of the akimat of the Karabulak rural district. 


"National values of the great steppe"

April 25, 2019 at the Youth center of the Higher pedagogical College Shymkent was organized a creative exhibition on "National values of the great steppe." The event was attended by the editor-in-chief of the Republican scientific and methodical magazine "Samgau" and the Director of the International Fund for support of creativity and development of science Satenova Sholpan Askarbekovna. The welcoming speech was made by the head of the College Yunusov Iftikhar Bakhtiyarovich.



On April 25, 2019, the regional championship "WORLD SKILLS-2019"was closed. At the ceremony, the Deputy akim of Turkestan region awarded the winners of the championship. On competences "Preschool education" the student of our College Bayseitova Aiganym received the certificate of the championship. Congratulations! 


Training and field fees

On the basis of orders №106 from 03.04.2019 g Department of education of the Turkestan region and the President of the Higher pedagogical College Shymkent №17 from 05.04.2019 g from April 22 to April 27 conducted field training sessions of students 1-2 courses of the College. 



April 19, 2019 in the city of Turkestan was held regional championship on competencies "Preschool education" "WORLD SKILLS", which was attended by a 2nd year student of the College Baiseitova Aiganym. On the 3rd module future teachers were highly appreciated by experts.


HPC Shymkent Blog

Thanksgiving Day

➖Dear compatriots! From the bottom of my heart let me congratulate everyone on Thanksgiving Day. This holiday confirms the respect and gratitude of Kazakhstan to their country, the President, the Homeland, the heritage of their ancestors. We all wish health, well-being, peace and prosperity to our Kazakhstan.

President of the Higher Pedagogical College Shymkent - Ph.D. Iftikhar Yunussov.

Dear colleagues, students!

Allow to congratulate all of you on coming New 2019 heartily! I wish you in New year good health, progress and success in your affairs and undertakings, achievement of the planned purposes and implementation of plans. Let the wellbeing accompany you in New year. Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues!

Let  me  sincerely  congratulate with  you  on  the  professional  holiday  of  -  Teacher`s  Day.  I wish  you  all  good  health,  professional  growth,  creative  success  in  your  hardly  but  grateful  work.



  • 0101000 - Preschool education and training
  • 0101013 - The teacher of preschool organizations
  • 0103000 - Physical Education and Sports
  • 0103023 - The teacher of physical culture and sports
  • 0105000 - Elementary education
  • 0105013 - Primary Education Teacher
  • 0105023 - Teacher of Informatics of Primary Education
  • 0105033 - Teacher of a foreign language of primary education
  • 0106000 - Fine Arts and Drawing
  • 0106013 - Teacher of fine arts and drafting of basic secondary education
  • 0107000 - Technology
  • 0107013 - Teacher of Basic Secondary Education Technology
  • 0108000 - Musical education
  • 0108013 - The teacher of music in the organizations of preschool and basic secondary education
  • 0111000 - Basic secondary education
  • 0111013 - Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 0201000 - Jurisprudence
  • 0201023 - Lawyer-consultant
  • 0401000 - Librarianship
  • 0401013 - Librarian
  • 0402000 - Design
  • 0402013 - Design
  • 0402022 - Performer of artistic design works
  • 0512000 - Translation
  • 0512013 - Interpreter
  • 0518000 - Accounting and Auditing
  • 0518013 - Economist accountant
  • 1304000 - Computer Science and Software
  • 1304043 - Technician-programmer
  • 1304012 - Operator of electronic computers
  • 0105104 - Applied Bachelor of Primary Education
  • 0101044 - Applied Bachelor of Preschool Education and Upbringing

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