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07.03.2019 in celebration of International women's day on March 8 at the higher pedagogical College Shymkent hosted the event "Әлемнің жарығын сыйладың сен маған". Active College students congratulated their teachers, thanks to the wonderful songs about his mother.


8th of March

Our Higher pedagogical college Shymkent started celebrating a holiday 8th of March from the morning. The active students of our college congratulated our teachers, mothers, and girls with international woman's day 8th of March


Congratulations to the winners!

At an open competition between colleges and schools of the city of Shymkent, which took place in SKSU. On March 1, 2019, the team Of the higher pedagogical College Shymkent


"Мамандығым - мақтанышым"

➖ 02. 03. 2019 passed a final competition in the Highest teacher training college Shymkent "Mамандығым-мәртебем " which lasted for two weeks. At a competition students different specialties showed the intellectual skills and were awarded with the nominations "Шығармашыл топ ", "Зерделі топ ", "Өнерлі топ".


Әйелге деген махаббат.

In anticipation of International women's day on 8 March, the College library has prepared and held a literary-musical evening "Әйелге деген махаббат", dedicated to the two poets: for Fariza Ongarsynova and Hanbibi Esenkaraeva


“Eternal thanks“

Holiday was continued with concert program. In concert we showed a friendship among different nations. With the wish “Eternal thanks“ our students said thank you for  their parents, for our leader  and for their teachers. It was an unforgettable day.


Tree of wishes

The active students of higher pedagogical college Shymkent brought “a Tree of wishes” for holiday “Thanks giving day” and our teachers and students said a thank you for each other. This holiday given us a good creative mood at our college.


Today, March 1, Kazakhstan celebrates the day of gratitude.

This is a special holiday in memory of the past history, those harsh times when the most noble human qualities - mercy, compassion, mutual help, self-sacrifice-were shown in all their power.

This is a holiday of friendship and unity of all who live in our country!


Жастар руханият тірегі

The official presentation of the club “Young Talent”, created in the framework of the “Жастар – руханият тірегі” library project, was held in the Turkestan Regional Universal Library of Alexander Pushkin. 


"Youth of Kazakhstan on the way of traditional religion"

23.02.2019, in the Higher pedagogical College Shymkent organized a meeting with the Imam A.P.Kerimbekova mosque A.Cattani of Shymkent city, on the theme "Youth of Kazakhstan on the way of traditional religion". During the meeting, the Imam told the teenagers about the meaning of the word peace, kindness and mercy, as well as the importance of the ability to do good to people.


"Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan"

February 22, 2019 in the framework of the "Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan" representatives of the higher pedagogical College Shymkent



➖On February 22, 2019 under the leadership of teachers of "Physical culture and sport" department of the Higher pedagogical College Shymkent students activists were in boarding school No. 4 Kausar for girls. In the program there were music turns and different interesting games. Teachers and students presented to children gifts. The administration of a boarding school was very grateful to staff of college.


«Құлақтан кіріп бойды алар, әсем ән мен тәтті күй»

On 22.02.2019 the students of musical education organized the conсert named like «Құлақтан кіріп бойды алар, әсем ән мен тәтті күй». Our students showed their talents,  singing abilities, so all visitors were satisfied in the conсert.


HPC Shymkent Blog

Thanksgiving Day

➖Dear compatriots! From the bottom of my heart let me congratulate everyone on Thanksgiving Day. This holiday confirms the respect and gratitude of Kazakhstan to their country, the President, the Homeland, the heritage of their ancestors. We all wish health, well-being, peace and prosperity to our Kazakhstan.

President of the Higher Pedagogical College Shymkent - Ph.D. Iftikhar Yunussov.

Dear colleagues, students!

Allow to congratulate all of you on coming New 2019 heartily! I wish you in New year good health, progress and success in your affairs and undertakings, achievement of the planned purposes and implementation of plans. Let the wellbeing accompany you in New year. Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues!

Let  me  sincerely  congratulate with  you  on  the  professional  holiday  of  -  Teacher`s  Day.  I wish  you  all  good  health,  professional  growth,  creative  success  in  your  hardly  but  grateful  work.



  • 0101000 - Preschool education and training
  • 0101013 - The teacher of preschool organizations
  • 0103000 - Physical Education and Sports
  • 0103023 - The teacher of physical culture and sports
  • 0105000 - Elementary education
  • 0105013 - Primary Education Teacher
  • 0105023 - Teacher of Informatics of Primary Education
  • 0105033 - Teacher of a foreign language of primary education
  • 0106000 - Fine Arts and Drawing
  • 0106013 - Teacher of fine arts and drafting of basic secondary education
  • 0107000 - Technology
  • 0107013 - Teacher of Basic Secondary Education Technology
  • 0108000 - Musical education
  • 0108013 - The teacher of music in the organizations of preschool and basic secondary education
  • 0111000 - Basic secondary education
  • 0111013 - Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 0201000 - Jurisprudence
  • 0201023 - Lawyer-consultant
  • 0401000 - Librarianship
  • 0401013 - Librarian
  • 0402000 - Design
  • 0402013 - Design
  • 0402022 - Performer of artistic design works
  • 0512000 - Translation
  • 0512013 - Interpreter
  • 0518000 - Accounting and Auditing
  • 0518013 - Economist accountant
  • 1304000 - Computer Science and Software
  • 1304043 - Technician-programmer
  • 1304012 - Operator of electronic computers
  • 0105104 - Applied Bachelor of Primary Education
  • 0101044 - Applied Bachelor of Preschool Education and Upbringing

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